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Anti Money Laundering

1. The purpose of AML procedures of Faro Entertainment N.V. is not to allow the Company to be used or involved in a money-laundering activity or scheme, to detect and report any incident, including suspicious transactions, to relevant competent authorities in accordance with the applicable Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, to preserve all relevant information that is in Company's possession that may be required by the relevant authorities investigating suspicious activity, and to cooperate with the said authorities as may be necessary.

2. The Company is putting into place the necessary components of an effective AML program:

  • Correct KYC Procedures;
  • Monitoring and assessment of player’s risk indicators and payment risk indicators;
  • Mitigation of risks by implementing appropriate payout policies;
  • Designation of an AML Officer;
  • Ensuring employees are aware of the risks, procedures and their obligations with respect of AML reporting;
  • Periodic re-assessment of the situation and adjustment of policies as may be required to ensure that they are adequate at any time. Such assessment must be appropriate and must be reviewed as necessary in the light of any changes of circumstances, including the introduction of new products or technology, new methods of payment by customers, changes in the customer demographic or any other material changes, and in any event reviewed at least annually. The MLCO is responsible for the monitoring, update and management of compliance with, and the internal communication of, AML policies and procedures.


3. In order to access the games, Faro Entertainment N.V. requires the prospective player to enter all mandatory information requested on the registration form on the website, in particular: name and surname, address and contact details, valid email address, passport number, relevant payment information (including credit card number, expiry date), all of which the client warrants to be true and correct. Faro Entertainment N.V. reserves the right to close an account should any information prove to be false or misleading as a result of verification mechanisms employed by the Company. For payouts the user has to upload his passport and a utility bill and after review and approval of these documents, the payout will be done.

4. Customer details are reviewed by the team to ensure their accuracy and in certain cases further proof of address and identity might be requested, particularly in cases where the customer becomes active. Certain customers are highlighted automatically as higher risk customers and can by default not make deposits automatically into the system. Such customers are assigned a higher risk level based on a number of parameters, including but not restricted to: country of residence, country of issuing credit card, IP log, number of transactions within a defined period etc.

5. Users are not allowed to have only one Member Account. If User attempts to open more than one Member Account, all betting accounts the User tries to open will be blocked or closed and any bets or winnings from your closed or blocked account will be voided for at the discretion of the casino administration.

6. Users must enter all mandatory information requested into the registration form, in particular, identity, address and contact details, including a valid e-mail address, place of residence, phone number, date of birth, relevant payment information; all of which must be true and correct.